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Board Committees


To ensure that the rights and interests of shareholders are observed, and to enhance the effectiveness of PJSC NCSP’s Board of Directors, both standing committees for the term of the Board of Directors and temporary committees to tackle specific issues can be created. The Board of Directors approves the regulations on committees and amends them if needed. The Board of Directors currently has two standing committees: the Audit Committee and the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee. Committee meetings are convened as needed.

HR and Remuneration Committee


·  Determines criteria for selection of candidates to the Board of Directors, Management Board and position of Chief Executive Officer

·  Makes recommendations on specific candidates

·  Develops the terms of contracts with the Chief Executive Officer and members of the Management Board

·  Assesses the performance of the Chief Executive Officer and members of the Management Board

·  Develops corporate policy on remuneration for company management


The HR and Remuneration Committee meets as needed.


Audit Committee

· Analyzes financial statements, conducts external and internal audits and presents relevant recommendations to the Board of Directors

· Monitors:

· quality and completeness of financial statements

· qualifications and independence of external auditor

· activities of the Internal Control Service

· Acts in close cooperation with the external auditor, Revision Commission and Internal Control Service


The Audit Committee meets as needed.