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NCSP Fleet is one of the largest private maritime tug and towing companies in Russia and provides bunkering services a variety of other fleet services at the Port.

NCSP Fleet currently has a fleet consisting of 68 vessels, which includes 27 tug-boats, seven bunkering vessels, a specialised fire-extinguishing vessel, a fleet of small passenger and supply vessels, and other specialised vessels. NCSP Fleet leases 15 vessels from Rosmorport and 44 vessels and various other special-use vessels from NCSP, and owns nine vessels.

NCSP Fleet provides approximately 95% of the tug, towing and mooring services to vessels in and calling at the Port. In addition, NCSP Fleet provides emergency services such as transferring vessels to shelter zones, cleaning and containment services for oil or other liquid spills, hazardous material response and waste management services in and around the Port. NCSP Fleet also removes bilge water, sewage and garbage from vessels and provides passenger vessel services for non-commercial ships at the Port.