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Bloomberg 22.05.2019
Bloomberg:The Board of Directors of NCSP Group recommended to send 98% of net profit for 2018 to dividends

NCSP Group (LSE: NCSP, MOEX: NMTP) hereby announces that on May 21, the  Board 
of Directors of PJSC NCSP,  which includes representatives of the  controlling 
shareholder, PJSC  Transneft,  as  well  as the  Russian  Federation  and  the 
Company's management, decided to  recommend to the  Annual General Meeting  of 
shareholders of PJSC "NCSP" to additionally  pay dividends for the results  of 
2018 in  the amount  of 9,629,907,700  (Nine billion  six hundred  twenty-nine 
million nine hundred seven thousand seven hundred) rubles 00 kopecks.

The Board of Directors took the following decisions on May 21, 2019:

1.To recommend to the AGM to pay dividends as stated above.
2.To  distribute  the  net  profit  received  in  2018  in  the  amount   of 
    15,063,349,449  (Fifteen   billion  sixty-three   million  three   hundred 
    forty-nine  thousand  four  hundred  forty-nine)  rubles  40  kopecks,  as 

     a.Direct a dividend payout of 14,829,906,617 (fourteen billion eight
         hundred twenty nine million nine hundred six thousand eight hundred
         seventeen) rubles 92 kopecks (including part of the profit of
         5,199,999,117 (five billion one hundred ninety nine million nine
         hundred ninety nine thousand one hundred and seventeen) rubles 92
         kopecks paid as dividends for the first half of the year and nine
         months of 2018).

3.To determine the size of the dividend per share 0.5 rubles.
4.To set June 25, 2019 as the date on which the persons entitled to  receive 
    dividends are determined.
5.To pay dividends to nominal holders  registered in the share register  and 
    to professional participant in the securities  market to a trustee in  the 
    period from July 1, 2019  to July 9, 2019  inclusive and to other  persons 
    registered in the share register in the  period from July 1, 2019 to  July 
    30, 2019 inclusive.
6.To approve forms and  texts of voting bulletins  and drafts of  electronic 
    messages for nominee shareholders for AGM.

If shareholders of PJSC  NCSP follow the  Board of Directors'  recommendations 
when making their decision, the total dividends for 2018 (taking into  account 
the interim dividends in the amount of RUB 5,199,999,117.92 paid earlier for 6
and 9 months) will totaled RUB 14,829,906,817.92.

In  2018,  the   PJSC  NCSP   net  revenue  as   per  RAS   amounted  to   RUB 
15,063,349,449.40. With regard  to the  results of  the previous  year, it  is 
proposed to allocate to  dividends 98.4% of the  Company's net revenue as  per 
RAS, which will be the record value  of this indicator for PJSC NCSP. In  2017 
and 2016,  32.5%  and  61.4% of  net  profit  as per  RAS  were  allocated  to 
dividends, respectively. At the end of 2015 no dividends were paid.

According to analysts,  PJSC NCSP's shares  may enter the  top ten leaders  in 
terms of dividend yield in Russia in the summer of 2019.

The Annual  General Meeting  of Shareholders  of  PJSC NCSP  will be  held  in 
Novorossiysk on June  14, 2019. For  the notice of  basic fact "On  Respective 
Resolutions Adopted by the Issuer's  Board of Directors (Supervisory  Board)", 
see           the           PJSC           NCSP           website           at 

NCSP Group is  the largest  port operator in  Russia by  cargo turnover.  PJSC 
Transneft is the controlling shareholder (62%) of PJSC NSCP.

NCSP Group is traded  on Moscow Exchange (NMTP)  and London Stock Exchange  as 
GDRs (NCSP). NCSP Group volumes in 2018 totaled 140.2 million tons. NCSP Group
consists of: PJSC NSCP, LLC Primorsk Trade Port, JSC Novorossiysk Ship  Repair 
Yard, JSC NCSP Fleet, JSC NLE, LLC  IPP, Baltic Stevedore Company LLC and  LLC 

For more information, please contact:

For press: MSidorov@ncsp.com

For investors: IR@ncsp.com


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