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FinanzNachrichten:NCSP: Notice of Annual General Meeting

PJSC NCSP (LSE: NCSP, MOEX: NCSP) hereby announces that in a meeting dated 8May 2019 PJSC NCSP's Board of Directors approved the following decisions:

1. To convene the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PJSC NCSP in the

form of joined attendance at 12:00 am Moscow time on June 14, 2019 at 29

Admirala Serebryakova embankment (Hilton Garden Inn), Novorossiysk, Russian

Federation, registration of participants beginning at 10:00 am.

2. Mail-in bulletins can be sent at one of the following addresses:

- NCSP Corporate Secretary, room 104 at 2 Mira str., Novorossiysk, 353907,

Russian Federation;

- Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T., 18 bldg. 5B Stromynka str.,

Moscow, 107076, Russian Federation.

3. To establish the record date for registering shareholders eligible to

participate in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders as 20 May 2019

4. To approve the agenda of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders as


4.1. Approval of the annual report;

4.2. Approval of the annual accounting (financial) statements;

4.3. Approval of the distribution of profits for 2018;

4.4. Approval of the amount, terms of payment, and record date for payment

of the 2018 dividend;

4.5. Approval of remuneration to Directors, except those in public service;

4 .6. Approval of remuneration to members of the Audit Commission, except

those in public service;

4.7. Election of the Board of Directors;

4.8. Election of the Audit Commission;

4.9. Approval of the auditor.

5. To establish the following procedure for the information (materials)

provision to persons entitled to participate in the Annual General meeting

of shareholders:

The persons entitled to participate in the AGM may familiarize themselves

with the information (materials) for the period from May 24, 2019 to June

13, 2019 on weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00 at the address: room 104 at 2 Mira

str., Novorossiysk (NCSP Corporate Secretary) as well as on June 14, 2019 at

the venue of the AGM

6. To notify shareholders of the upcoming AGM:

- by announcement on PJSC NCSP corporate website at http://nmtp.info/ [1];

- by registered mail or personal delivery for all shareholders identified in

the register, as well as by electronic communication with digital signature

for nominal holders identified in the register.

NCSP Group is the largest port operator in Russia by cargo turnover. PJSC

Transneft is the controlling shareholder (62%) of PJSC NSCP.

NCSP Group is traded on Moscow Exchange (NMTP) and London Stock Exchange asGDRs (NCSP). NCSP Group volumes in 2018 totaled 140.2 million tons.

NCSP Group consists of: PJSC NSCP, LLC Primorsk Trade Port, JSC Novorossiysk Ship Repair Yard, JSC NCSP Fleet, JSC NLE, LLC IPP, Baltic Stevedore Company LLCand LLC SFP.

For more information, please contact:

For press: MSidorov@ncsp.com


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