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Port area covers about 28 hectares.


Transshipment facilities can handle ships with tonnage of up to 70,000 tonnes and the ship repair facilities can accommodate ships of up to 200,000 tonnes.


The company has 10 berths with total length of more than 1.7 kilometers.


Depth ranging from 6 to 11 meters at the transshipment complex and from 4.5 to 11 meters at the ship repair facilities.


The company has more than 60,000 square meters of open storage area and 7,000 square meters of covered storage facilities.


The company has four mobile cranes with capacity ranging from 25 to 35 tonnes, five overhead cranes with

capacity ranging from 30 to 32 tonnes, two frame cranes with capacity of 30 to 50 tonnes, and 11 gantry cranes with capacity of 20 to 50 tonnes.


The company had 1,052 employees at the end of 2009.