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PJSC Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (PJSC NCSP)


The company provides a full range of stevedoring services.


Share of 2012 cargo turnover: 41.1%

Cargoturnoverin 2012: 65 345,0 mlnt

Cargospecialization: Crude oil, oil products, grain, ore/fertilizer/cement, coal, forest products, metals, containers

Terminal area of enterprise: 95.6 ha

Harbor area: 510 m2

Number of berths: 44

Length of berths: 9.4 km

Depth at berths: up to 24.0 m

LLC Primorsk Trade Port



PTP specializes in handling crude oil and oil products bound for export markets. The company also provides traffic control, mooring, environmental protection, Oil Spill Response Plan (LARN) compliance, fire safety, towing support, and fuel and stores supply services.


Share of 2012 cargo turnover: 47.1%

Cargoturnoverin 2012: 74,886.5 mln t

Cargospecialization: Crude oil, oil products

Terminal area of enterprise: 54 ha.

Harbor area: 32,260 m2. LLC PTP has a water use contract with the Neva-Ladoga Basin Water Administration for joint use (MTPP) of a water area of 31.340 mln m2.

Number of berths: 6

Length of berths: 1.9 km

Depth at berth: up to 17.8 m

Maximum ship deadweight: 150,000 t


PJSC Novorossiysk Grain Terminal



The company specializes in grains (wheat, barley) and oilseeds. NGT has the fastest grain loading terminal on the Black Sea.


Share of 2012 cargo turnover: 2,9%

Cargoturnoverin 2012: 4,612.7 mln t

Cargo specialization: grain

Terminal area of enterprise: 7.049 ha

Number of berths: 2

Length of berths: 0,4 km

Depth at berths: up to 13,3 m

Maximum ship deadweight: 63,000 t


PJSC Novorossiysk Shipyard



NSRZ is the largest ship repair yard in southern Russia, offering a broad range of ship repair services.

However, it also has considerable cargo handling facilities with a specialization in transshipment of ferrous metals.


Share of 2012 cargo turnover: 1.6%

Cargoturnoverin 2012: 2,533.5 mln t.

Cargospecialization: metals

Terminal area of enterprise: 30 ha

Harbor area:  690 m2

Number of berths: 10

Length of berths: 1.7 km.

Depth at berths: up to 11.0 km

Maximum ship deadweight: 270,000 t

PJSC Fleet Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port




NCSP Fleet is the largest private towing and tugboat company in Russia, offering a full range of fleet services, including tug and towing services, bunkerage of fuel, oil and water, fire and environmental protection services.


Specialization: port fleet services

47 ships:

· 24 tugboats, capacity 208-5,712 hp;

· 1 Mars fire boat;

· 6 oil/oil product loading vessels, capacity 250-3,000 t;

· 2 water carriers, Delfin & Langust;

· 14 auxiliary vessels (environmental protection, bilge water collectors, passenger ships, pilot boats, a specialized vessel)

PJSC Novoroslesexport


The company specializes in containers and timber. It provides cargo storage, container packing and unpacking, and freight forwarding services.


Share of 2012 cargo turnover: 2.3%

Cargoturnoverin 2012: 3,726.1 mln t

Cargo specialization: forest products, containers

Terminal area of enterprise: 59.75 ha

Harbor area: 153 m2

Number of berths: 11

Length of berths: 1.4 km

Depth at berths: up to 13.9 m

Maximum ship deadweight: 34,000 t





The company specializes in oil products and liquid fertilizers (UAN). It also sells and loads bunkering fuel.


Share of 2012 cargo turnover: 2,8%

Cargoturnoverin 2012: 4,458.5 mln t

Cargo specialization: Oil products, iron ore, fertilizers, cement

Terminal area of enterprise: 9.9 ha

Harbor area: -

Number of berths: 3

Length of berths: 0.9 km

Depth at berths: up to 13.0 m

Maximum ship deadweight: 100,660 t

LLC Baltiysk Stevedoring Company



BSC specializes in container transshipments. Two container lines operate at the container terminal in Baltiysk:

· Maersk. Ports of call: Bremerhaven (Germany) – Baltiysk – Gdansk (Poland) – Kotka (Finland) – Bremerhaven (Germany)

· MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company). Ports of call: Antwerp – Bremerhaven (Germany) – Baltiysk – Rauma (Finland) – Antwerp


Share of 2012 cargo turnover: 0.6%

Cargoturnoverin 2012: 995.5 mln t

Cargo specialization: containers

Terminal area of enterprise: 11.5 ha

Harbor area: 25 m2

Number of berths: 1

Length of berths: 0.2 km

Depth at berths: up to 10.3 m

Maximum ship deadweight: 20,000 t


Novorossiysk Fuel Oil Terminal LLC (NFT LLC)


The acceptance, temporary storage, the accumulation of consignments and dispatch to the port.

Area of the terminal:

Area within the fence - 7.90 hectares

Area of buildings- 32,655 m2

Volume of the tank farm - 82,000 m3

Number of tanks - 5 pcs.

Rated capacity of tanks:

1 - 15 000 m3

2 - 15000m3

3 - 15 000 m3

4 - 37 000 m3

5 - 37 000 m3 (emergency)

Unloading two-way railroad overpass:

№ 1 - 60 tank cars

№ 2 - 48 tank cars

The route to the port:

The length - 377 m